Social Sales
at scale

KickFactory is helping us identify and engage new customers.
Robin Vancura
Sr. Manager, Customer Engagement at
We were very impressed with the KickFactory team. They helped us identify and engage key voters. Their technology and team allowed us to shake hands with voters 24 hours a day. I look forward to working with them on future campaigns.
Rina Shah
Chief Spokesperson at
Evan McMullin for President
KickFactory’s responsive social media marketing is amazing!! It is giving us a real, active presence on Twitter. And it allows us to identify and engage with new customers at a scale we could never do ourselves!
Trey Morris
Chief Marketing Officer at
Boenker Group of Companies
KickFactory is helping us reach & win customers who haven’t shopped with us before. I am really impressed with how responsive and nimble Scott & team are!
Heather Arellano
Manager of Communications and Social Media Interaction for
Sears Auto Centers
KickFactory helped us identify and engage undecided voters in states critical to our campaign. They were one of the secret weapons to our success in states like Utah where we competed with national candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. In fact, in final count, we received over 20% of the vote in Utah—and we know that was due in part to the work we were able to do with undecided voters.

We launched a three month campaign with no money, a candidate without name recognition, and no political party backing us, and we still made an impact on this race and built a foundation for a new conservative movement.
Sarah Rumpf
Digital Communications Director for
Evan McMullin for President
KickFactory has given our small team a large presence - We are identifying passengers The Flying App can help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We couldn’t serve these customers without them.
Rob Armstrong
Creator of
The Flying App

Social Sales in Action

Social sales allows brands to reach customers even before they start shopping by engaging them at their moment of need.

Increasingly brands are applying social sales to acquire new customers.

KickFactory is a managed service that makes it possible for brands to win customers through social sales at scale — all without adding costly headcount or slowing down to learn new tools.

Customer Acquisition

Proactively reach potential customers at their moment of need.
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Info Acquisition

Respond to Tier 1 customer inquiries at scale.
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Lifestyle Acquisition

Celebrate people exhibiting core customer traits or brand values.
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KickFactory Works at Scale

Artificial Intelligence + Community Management Team

Effective social sales no longer requires building and training a giant team of community managers. KickFactory's industry-leading artificial intelligence, combined with our in-house U.S. team of community managers makes it possible for brands to win customers through social sales at scale. We do this without compromising brand voice or precision.


KickFactory algorithms identify those in market for your product or service in real time.


Our Community Management Team ensures conversationally appropriate, performance-based replies in your brand voice.


Every action provides direct feedback to the intelligence algorithms. Your campaigns get smarter with every action!

Performance-based replies in

Your Brand Voice

Brand Control Over All Messaging

KickFactory works with you to create on-brand messaging that meets customer tone, emotion and need.


Performance-based in-line replies make sure the right message reaches the right person at the right time.

Trained Community Management Team

Our Community Management Team is trained on each campaign to ensure brand protection and optimize positive brand experience for your customers.

Brand Consistency

In-line replies are all sent from your own trustworthy Twitter account.

Built for Scale

KickFactory is a managed service that makes it possible for brands to win customers through social sales at scale, with speed and precision. All of this without adding costly headcount or slowing down to learn new tools.

We can reach thousands of customers on behalf of your brand every day. We work with some of the largest brands on Earth, including 8 of the top 10 brands acquiring customers on Twitter through social sales.

KickFactory sends more tweets per day for the top 2500 U.S. brands than Buffer, Conversocial, Spredfast, Adobe Social, and Oracle COMBINED.

Unequaled Results

Brand Perception

99.6% positive brand engagement

Geospatial Results

97.7% of customers correctly identified within 20 miles of home


40-70% of engaged leads convert to sales opportunities

Cart Values

25% increase in cart values

Fundamentals of Brand Success

While viral campaigns grab headlines, it's the fundamentals that drive success for top brands on Twitter. After analyzing over a billion tweets from the top 2,500 U.S. brands, their customers, and in-market buyers, KickFactory has identified the three fundamentals top brands use to drive revenue for their business.

You can think about each of these fundamentals as speaking to customers at different times. Broadcast Marketing is similar to Mass Media Marketing, in that it reaches a large audience at all points in their lives. Customer Service, digital or otherwise, reaches a small, perhaps unsatisfied, target audience. Social Sales catches an audience in between the two, reaching in-market customers early in the buying process — but before they make a purchase.

Get Started

Make sure your brand is part of every conversation about the products and services you sell.

If you’d prefer to chat with someone on the KickFactory team about maximizing this opportunity, please shoot us an email or give us a call at (800) 880-5513.

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We have a number of resources to help determine how social sales can impact your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of brands work best with social sales?

Social sales is especially successful for business-to-consumer (B2C) brands. If you can find someone on Twitter expressing a need for a product or service you sell, your brand can take advantage of social sales. Schedule a demo to have a social sales expert look into this for you.

Does KickFactory offer an automated solution?

No. KickFactory does leverage artificial intelligence to filter through the noise, but our trained team of Community Managers is essential for brand success.

What social networks does KickFactory work with?

KickFactory works exclusively with Twitter today. Twitter is the best platform to identify and engage people one-to-one expressing a consumer need.

What profile information can you target on?

Age, gender, geography, propensity, and more. Looking for a specific demographic? Schedule a demo to have a social sales expert look into this for you.

How does KickFactory track industry data?

We monitor every tweet sent by the top U.S. brands on Twitter. This list is constantly growing and today covers over 2500 brands. These are business brands like @Coke, @PizzaHut and @VerizonWireless, not celebrities like @KimKardashian or @KingJames.

How do consumers receive these messages from brands?

Overwhelmingly positive. We work with brands to create highly compelling offers and messages. This results in a 99.6% positive brand experience. For every thousand tweets we send, brands may receive up to four negative comments.

How fast can you get started?

Today! We've launched customers in just a few hours. Schedule a demo to discuss more about your brand requirements and we'll put together a launch plan.