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Seeking a competitive advantage

I talk with a lot of clients and prospective clients each week. One theme I’m hearing a lot lately is that brands are looking for a competitive advantage on the hunt for new customers.

Often these brands are talking with me because they recognize the competitive advantage KickFactory offers brands. 

For example, I spoke with a pet food brand. They are looking to both sell their pet food and increase their market share. Those customers fell into two main types: 

  1. When customers are going to be buying from a competitor
  2. When customers are going to be making a purchase, but it’s not clear where they are going to make the purchase.

I talk with a lot of clients and prospective clients each week. One theme I’m hearing a lot lately is that brands are looking for a competitive advantage on the hunt for new customers.

I showed the client how KickFactory can find people raising their hands today, self identifying as these types of customers.

Take a look at the types of hand raisers our AI is finding for them: https://kickfactory.com/showme/?campaign=X9UNSLREQP

If you’re interested in finding people who are about to start shopping, let’s connect. Here’s my calendar.

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Using Social Media Beyond Sales for Your Brand

Not surprisingly, 90 percent of young individuals own at least one social media account. Yet, utilizing social media to market products or services can be a hit or miss for some businesses. For the latter group, there is often something that is being done incorrectly or a strategy that isn’t being used. Many business owners fail to use social media beyond sales. It can mean so much more for your business. Let’s talk a bit about how you can improve your marketing on social media by using the right tools and why it is so important that you do.

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When Does a Customer Start Shopping?

For those of us in digital marketing, it can be easy to get caught up in the funnels, landing pages, ads, graphics, A/B testing, etc, etc. But what we absolutely can’t lose sight of is our customer’s journey: what takes them from the moment where they have a need (or a want) and ends with them choosing our brand?

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How to Increase Social Media Engagement

With currently over 2.62 billion social media users worldwide, it would seem pretty easy to get the attention and engagement you deserve on social media, right? That’s how it appears, but if you’re not doing things correctly, the opposite results may occur – and chances are, they already have if you’re finding yourself reading this article. For that reason, let’s delve into how you can manage to increase social media engagement whether that be on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or the platform of your choosing.

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2 Ways to Give Your Audience What It Wants

Many would agree that to have a successful business, it is a requirement to have an audience – but to have an audience and keep it, you have to give them what they want and need. If you think it sounds easy, think again. Many businesses still struggle with finding, engaging, and keeping an audience. Let’s find out a couple of tricks for finding and keeping your audience.

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How Do You Measure Social Media Engagement?

In talking with a number of our clients recently, we’ve noticed a trend in how social media managers and digital strategists are thinking about their social media efforts. They’re rethinking goals and tactics, and how to measure success. We’re seeing less focus on sales.

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Yes, You Need to Change How Your Brand is Using Social Media

Still using the spray and pray method for social media posting? Or do you spend hours trying to outwit the latest Facebook algorithm update? Maybe you’re auditioning stand-up comedians so your Twitter can be the next Arby’s. Whatever you’re doing, it’s probably time to change it up and rethink the way you’re using social. Today, there’s too much content. Too many messages for people to filter through. You have to stand out: your brand needs to change how it’s using social media.

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What’s Emotion Got to Do with Your Social Media?

Emotion is a part of being human. We all feel it and experience it second-hand on a daily basis. However, the misconception is that using emotion in social media should be avoided – especially when it has to do with business. But why distinguish human qualities from a company? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose?

As marketing experts, we are aware just how potent emotion can be in online marketing, especially using emotion in social media. We know the science behind social sales.