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Planning Ahead for Great Social Media Engagement

In order to have the most impact, social media needs to have a plan behind it. From an overarching campaign to a clear call to action, every piece of content produced is an opportunity. Twitter is no exception, even if brands have to fit their messaging into 140 characters or less. Planning ahead will boost any brand’s social media engagement.

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How to Provide Brand Intimacy on Social Media

Your customers have to sort through a barrage of messaging all day, every day. Even if you narrow down their experience to social media, the tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram images and stories, and snaps are endless. Brands are constantly fighting to get their products and services in front of their target audience. How can brands use social media to build brand intimacy among their customers and potential customers?

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Sweetening the Deal with Social Sales

As many brands with Twitter accounts already know, a lot of customers have something to say about their products or services. The world of social media has given us a population accustomed to contacting brands using social platforms like Twitter or Facebook to voice their opinions.

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Whataburger Knows What a Customer Wants

In the social media age, it’s easier for customer-brand relationships to be built and maintained. Many brands choose to use a more casual approach to social media–often to match with the younger user base of social platforms. The conversational style in which tweets are created and exchanged illustrates a change in business and the transition towards social sales.

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Simple Social Sales: U-Haul Has Got It All

In many aspects of life, it is easy to become stressed and overwhelmed. Now more than ever, the public takes to Twitter to asks for help or vent frustrations. While this can be helpful for the Twitter user to find aid or solace, brands can use these opportunities to connect—offering help in a time of need. But it’s harder than it looks to find individuals tweeting at a point in the timeline where it makes sense to engage them: before they start searching on Google.

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MTV: Subtract Music Videos, Add Social Sales

Twitter is a diverse platform and can be used to the advantage of many users for many different purposes. For example, a musician is able to communicate personally and directly with fans. Or a comedian uses the website to put some of his material out into the world and gain exposure.

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KickFactory CEO on #TimTalk: Connecting with Prospects Using AI


Recently, Scott made an appearance on Tim Hughes’ show #TimTalk. Tim’s interest is in social selling, so Scott stopped by to chat about how KickFactory uses artificial intelligence to find in-market customers for our clients. Using AI allows us to comb through mass quantities of tweets and profiles looking for the perfect matches.

Find out more about how this works and how your brand can benefit from Scott’s interview with Tim.