As a relatively new marketing vehicle, the etiquette and expectations of social sales are still forming. If you’ve read our post on starting social sales, we gave you some tips on starting up. But just getting started won’t make you successful, you need to have the right mindset and expectations.

Social sales done right is engaging, helpful, and welcomed. Done wrong, you could damage your brand and be marked as spammy or worse. Taking the time and energy necessary to do social sales correctly will reap dividends for your brand, so make the investment from the get-go. Fixing damage from poor planning and execution could take a long, long time.

So we’d like to offer you our five best tips for social sales on Twitter.

  1. Be helpful, never just a salesperson. Once you’ve identified a potential customer, offer them a suggestion or solution, not a sales pitch.
  2. Encourage the individual to take a specific action. This solution you offer produces an organic conversation and more opportunity for engagement.
  3. Be personable in your responses. Being human and showing personality produces endearment towards your brand.
  4. Sign your tweets. This shows the individual (and others watching) that a human is behind the interaction, not a bot.
  5. Respond to follow-up questions. This is good business practice across the board, not just on Twitter. Take the opportunity to continue to engage with a prospective client.

Most of all, remember that you’re making connections with individuals and building relationships. This won’t happen overnight, and will only work if the conversations are sincere. You can’t fake good social sales, you’ll only get fake results.

If you want help in creating a social sales system that works for your brand, get in touch. We’d love to show you how KickFactory creates engaging social sales campaigns at scale for our customers with a free demo.