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KickFactory connects brands to customers who need them most, when they need them most.

What we do

KickFactory has fine-tuned the art of identifying buying signals and using that information to engage social media users in real-time, steering them toward a specific offer. Our combination of technology with our community management team allows brands to scale up and reach the entire market, without additional headcount. We reach customers with both speed and precision, steering them toward a purchase in a way that appeals emotionally.

Who we are

Scott Lewis
Scott Lewis
CEO & Founder
Ryan MacCarthy
Ryan MacCarthy
Chief Data Scientist & Founder

KickFactory was founded in 2013 by tech industry veterans who saw the opportunity to leverage advances in artificial intelligence, data science, and natural language processing to equip brands to reach customers at their moment of need. KickFactory is a privately held corporation with offices in Chicago and California. KickFactory has grown to serve market leaders in mobile, entertainment, travel, health, finance and retail.

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