There’s a lot of conversation around artificial intelligence (AI) happening across a variety of disciplines right now. And for good reason—more companies are relying on AI in their business. From chatbots to self-driving cars, AI won’t be optional for much longer. However, there are always drawbacks to a completely autonomous system, which is why Hybrid AI creates the best way for brands to utilize AI today.

Why Artificial Intelligence Needs Humans

Many top AI companies that work on mission critical customer-facing technology rely on humans not only to train and improve the AI, but also to make sure everything is in order. As wonderful as AI is, it’s not yet able to replace humans in many mission-critical applications. We see this with Tesla’s autopilot feature. Tesla requires drivers to remain attentive during autopilot because the safety of its passengers is critical.

We’ve been leveraging AI in our technology since 2013. We learned early on that brands expect much more precision than AI is able to provide. AI usually gets things right, but when it doesn’t, it can be disastrous. This can especially harmful for brands. Twitter knows this and regularly bans bots on its platform and includes strict rules for automation. This helps keep Twitter personal, and keeps brands and people safe.

Remember when Google’s image recognition software turned out to be racist? This is unacceptable. Humans make sure that the nuances of communication are there and that responses are correct and socially acceptable.

Why Humans Need Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence frees up human power by filtering out the “noise”. For example, we use our AI to search through millions of tweets and Twitter users to find specific sales opportunities. There’s no way a team of humans could get through that amount of information in any relevant period of time. There would also be the significant chance for human error—just based on the monotony alone!


Putting Hybrid Artificial Intelligence to Work

When companies use a hybrid of artificial intelligence and human teams, both sides of the equation are free to do what they do best. The technology frees up the humans to focus on the voice and language of the brand, while the teams rely on the AI to search and find the best opportunities, with the best strategies to win new business.

At KickFactory, this means we institute full-scale, state of the art social sales programs for brands with no additional headcount. We have created a seamless hybrid system that allow our artificial intelligence and community management team to work in tandem—maximizing the strengths of humans and AI. Contact us today for a demonstration on how our system can work for you.