I talk with a lot of people in the restoration services field. I mean A LOT. Over the last 30 days I’ve spoken with 169 business owners. I ask a lot of questions as I’m still trying to learn my place within our industry.

I learned something this week you may find valuable: Empathy wins bids.

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

The woman I spoke with told me she has a 95% close rate on homes she visits. I had to stop her, because I’ve never heard of anyone with high of a bid acceptance rate before. I said “what kind of magic do you do that gets you a 95% close rate – surely that cannot be true!”

And she said, “Scott, I’m woman and a mother, so I have a natural instinct to care for the people, not just care for their home. Whenever I approach I a home, especially if I know they have children, I always bring a snack with me for them.”

She went on to talk about how people are experiencing a traumatic event in their life. Be it a fire, water in the basement, the death of a loved one that needs to be cleaned up – all of these situations have great personal loss attached to them. And while she and her company are more than capable of cleaning up the damage, it’s her ability to put herself in the shoes of those affected and asking “what would I need right now – this instant” that could help bring some normalcy to this traumatic situation.

And her answer is snacks. She said she keeps water bottles, animal crackers, apples, and other snacks in her car so they can be pulled out at a moments notice. It’s her way of saying she understands the pain they are experiencing and she’s here to help. 

For her, this results in 95% of the bids she’s submitting being accepted by the homeowner. And the $25 she spends stocking the snacks is resulting in tens of thousands of dollars of revenue gains.

When you go to your next bid, do something different. Bring some animal crackers and bottles of water. Before you start assessing the property, assess the family, start with the empathetic approach, and see if it doesn’t tip the win in your favor – and make you feel better about yourself too.

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