We looked at 95,886,071 Twitter users who have tweeted at least once in the past 6 months and found 707 followers. That’s up 340% since 2012.

The average Twitter user now has 707 followers. That's up 340% since 2012. Click To Tweet

The last significant research on this was in 2012 when Beevolve analyzed 36 million profiles and found the average Twitter user had 208 followers. A client sparked our curiosity when they asked if we could update this metric. Twitter does not share this, so we looked at nearly 96 million Twitter profiles to get an answer.

The result is up 340% since 2012. Even if you ignore the Kardashians and other celebrities with more than 100k followers—just 0.06% of the 96 million users we sampled—the average is still impressive at 453 followers per user.

So social media marketers and influencers rejoice—your time spent on Twitter is broader-reaching than the 2012 numbers were telling you.

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