Our CEO and co-founder, Scott Lewis, was recently a guest on the Instapage podcast. You can catch the episode here:

Here’s some of what Scott shared:

Our philosophy today is really marketing is done right when a brand is able to provide value add to a consumer, not just carpet bomb them with a message that is, “Hey, come and buy our product.” But really where it’s: “I understand that you like barbecue,” or “I understand that you’ve had a flat tire, and you just want your life put back together. We want to help you fix that.” So, we believe good marketing is best when it’s personalized, when it’s timely in its reply, when it’s contextually relevant and, quite frankly, when it’s ROI-positive for the business.

Find details about Scott and a transcript of the interview on the Instapage website here.

Thanks to Advertising Influencers and Ander Frischer for hosting Scott!

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