Regardless of the impact, costs of advertising during the biggest American football game of the year continue to rise. Estimates put this year’s 30-second spots in the $5 million range. But what results can brands expect after shelling out that kind of money? How can they expand the reach of a Super Bowl campaign?

Super Bowl commercials in the ad world are notorious for not having a huge impact on sales. Regardless of how viral the commercial is, neither Pepsi nor Coke has ever attributed a huge spike in sales after the Super Bowl. Hey, we’re not here to tell brands how to spend their advertising dollars, but we do have some suggestions.

Consider new viewing habits and platforms

Most brands have worked in recent years to create ad campaigns that appear across multiple channels. This includes tactics like teasing their game time ad or vice versa: using the game ad to create some kind of cliffhanger that folks have to go online to finish. But what about the folks who are interacting online while the game is going? There are so many viewers who use a small screen when they use the big screen.

Personal engagement and interaction > blasting one message to millions

We’ve talked before about broadcast social media—this is essentially what ads are. It’s the same message repeated to any number of viewers. This method tries to gain some kind of entry or brand recognition for the potential consumer. A Super Bowl ad may have a little more longevity with social media sharing, but its effect is the same. It’s not personal, it’s not interactive. It’s just there.

What if you could reach people commenting about your ad? Maybe they say something on Twitter during the game. Do you think the impact of the ad would compound if you could interact individually with a viewer? Tailor a response and a call to action that you could never engineer with an ad and extend the reach of your Super Bowl campaign. You could follow the ad with an offer only available to that individual.

Turning advertising into action

Ads are great, tell a story, get a laugh or a tear, and hope the customer remembers you the next time they need laundry soap. But what if you want to do more than just hope? That’s where a specific direction comes in. When you follow up your ad campaign with one-on-one engagements on social media, you can offer a custom action for that individual. It might be a coupon or offer, a place to get more information, or somewhere to sign up for a free consultation.

The possibilities are endless, but only if you can make those interactions customized for individuals. Don’t let your advertising dollars go to waste. Whether you’re bidding for CPCs or plunking down a cool $5 mil for an ad during this Sunday’s showdown, adding KickFactory can improve your ad campaign ROI.

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