“Awareness. It’s an awareness campaign.”

How many times have you heard those words? How many times have you SAID them?

That’s what we thought. But what if you could pitch more than brand awareness? What if your next campaign could give a concrete call to action that your audience will likely take advantage of? It’s possible. Not only can you give your audience a specific action, you can listen and engage with them at a *the* point where they are mostly to do so.

Let’s take a look:

This Twitter user is giving a host of brands an opportunity to reach her with suggestions, offers, and even a kind word. Whether it’s a local restaurant that delivers, a chain with a location nearby, or even a brand who sells meal prep, frozen dinners, or any other kind of snack, there’s no limit to the way brands could leverage this moment. She’s already said she’s hungry, we’re beyond awareness! She wants action, and maybe a pizza.

If you can find your market at their “moment of expression”, then you can capitalize on the opportunity to direct them to action.

Proactive social, not reactive

Here’s another:

Flat tire? Forget the awareness campaigns. She needs a solution now, and Sears Auto is making sure she knows they can help. Likely, she hasn’t even started searching Google yet. Sears Auto may beat all their competitors to the punch. Better yet, the customer will likely get a push notification right on her phone. No email to be ignored, no betting on Twitter algorithms. Your one-on-one engagement has a really good chance of being seen and action taken.

Are you ready to move beyond brand awareness campaigns on social media? We can help you take the next step in ensuring your brand is front and center when someone needs you. Contact us today for a free demo.

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