Brand intimacy isn’t new—but naming and talking about the concept is. Mario Natarelli is the author of the bestseller Brand Intimacy, A New Paradigm in Marketing. He has been the one to really give the concept legs. Here’s what he has to say about what makes up brand intimacy:

Building intimate brands requires continual attention and investment. Think of brands less as inanimate “things” and more as the relationships between your products and services and your stakeholders. Strong emotional connections that build these bonds come from three key factors. A strong Essence, the promise and identity of your brand. A compelling Story, the narrative that draws people in and engages them. Finally, the Experience, the complete orchestration of touch-points—both virtual and physical.

Looking at this quote, we can start to understand the concept of brand intimacy. Examine the parts that make it up and how you can work for it.

  1. A strong essence – this is the underpinnings of your brand. What you stand for, what your customers see you stand for, and how your brand is viewed in the community at large. This is work you have to do internally. From start-up to a brand over a century old, figuring out the essence of your brand is an on-going process. You can’t have good relationships with your customers if you don’t know what your brand stands for!
  2. A compelling story – what do you have to tell? What’s the experience you’re offering? What makes your brand different from the million others out there? This grows organically from your essence. It’s a large part of that intimacy and trust you build with customers. But it’s not enough to think through the essence, you have to tell people about it. Give them the why for them to want to do business with you.
  3. The experience – this is where you make good on the essence and story. They’ll now get to see if what you said is actually true—will you make good on your promise? There are many ways your customers interact with your brand, how they have this “experience”. From storefronts to websites, social media to customer service, you need to follow through. Give them the experience you promised.

How do you get brand intimacy in a virtual world?

It seems like anymore we’re getting further away from intimacy. Everyone is behind a screen, large or small. But technology isn’t a hindrance, necessarily. It’s also creating more opportunities:

Beyond the examples of the smartphone ecosystem and Amazon, digital transformation is not just a central and essential strategy; it is quickly making winners and losers of brands. As consumers, we demand ever-increasing personalization and functionality from our technology.

This is where KickFactory comes in: with a winning strategy to reach your customers one-on-one. You can give them the personalization they’re expecting, along with all three of the pieces of brand intimacy.

Like Mario says:

A winning formula for brands leverages technology to better enhance the bonds we have with the products and solutions we use. The more we can use technology to create strong emotional connections, and the more we are willing to pay for a brand, the more we will engage with it and be unwilling to live without it.

We want to help you create brand intimacy. Contact us today for a free demo. We’d love to show you how KickFactory uses AI to identify in-market customers, starts a conversation, and turns social media users into raving customers.

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