When we talk about doing social sales, we often mention our own hybrid AI system. This system leverages artificial intelligence to identify in-market potential customers based on a number of criteria. (You can read more about it here.) To create a successful social sales campaign, brands have to figure out how to best identify and engage with these potential customers.

If a brand wants to do social sales at scale, there’s no ignoring artificial intelligence. The cost of using humans to find, filter, and respond to customers would be a huge barrier. Using AI, we can search through literally thousands of online profiles, something that would take human counterparts thousands of hours. Brands opting to do this manually would spend a huge part of their marketing budget on a system that relies on humans to be successful.

Artificial intelligence and scale

Not that our hybrid doesn’t rely on humans, we know we need them! What we don’t have to rely on them for, though, is manually searching, finding, and checking each user. Our AI does that for them. We are talking about a huge leap from using a Twitter search bar to find users talking about needing a new phone. From using geolocation to pinpoint users and then suggesting the nearby location of brands’ storefronts, to using photo recognition technology to estimate users’ ages, there’s no human comparison to the way AI can filter profiles.

Humans as quality control

After profiles have been identified and tweets found, our team of humans can then act as quality control. This ensures that the responses going out are appropriate and being used in context with the users’ tweets. Not only is this key to the success of the social sales campaign, but it’s effective when used in conjunction with AI. Robots don’t sound like humans—our AI isn’t good enough yet to fool most people when it comes to who they’re talking to.

Small-scale social sales

Sure, a brand could replicate this process on a smaller scale using humans from the get-go. They could cobble together a system that uses social media listening tools to identify Twitter users by a few characteristics (location, hashtag use, phrase). Then, they could manually respond to each user. But it would be a really small scale compared to what a hybrid AI system can achieve. A brand looking to start a social sales campaign would really need to look at the cost of implementing a system like that. We’d venture a guess something like that would cost much more that it was worth because the volume would be so low.

In contrast, our clients send thousands of social sales tweets each month with no additional staff overhead or training. We’d be happy to talk to you about how KickFactory can become another tool in your marketing arsenal. Contact us today!