What kind of experience are you giving your customers and potential customers with your social media accounts? Are you providing exciting, engaging content that tells a story? That tells your story?

When it comes to using social media in a way that encourages your audience to take action, you want them to feel closer to you. You want to build a trusting relationship between your brand and your customers. The closer they feel to you, the more likely they are to become a lifelong customer and advocate.

Reaching your audience

But how do you lessen the space between your brand and your people? It’s hard enough to reach individuals as it is. Add to that the constant barrage of information, photos, memes, videos, and ads and you’ve got to find a way to get them to stop scrolling.

The key is to stop the spray of one-sided messages that go to a mass of people. This method is helpful if you have announcements or sales, but rarely does it work to build that intimate relationship you want. If you really want to build a relationship, you need to focus on finding the right people at the right time. And then giving them the right message.

Sending the right message

What is your message? Who are you looking for? Well, it all depends on your goals. Are you informing a block of voters? Helping someone find the right plan for their cell phone? Are you recruiting for jobs? Whatever your purpose, whatever your reason for wanting to reach them, you can do it with social media.

That brings us to the next question, how do you find them? If you want to reach them one-on-one, you’d have to search carefully for them. Like a needle in a haystack of millions of social media users, there are people out there who are the right fit. You could search them out, one person at a time, and use their social media accounts to get clues about who they are and if they are the right audience. But that would take a lot of time and a lot of people to make any kind of dent.

The right tool for the job

But your brand can do it if you have the right tools. Using hybrid AI from KickFactory can help you sift through that haystack and find the right social media users. Then you can take the next step and start a conversation and relationship with them.

Want to learn more? Contact us for a demo. We’d love to show you how KickFactory connects brands to people.

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