We’ve seen over the past year that digital ads are losing their traction. From Facebook (and their recent issues) to cookies following customers across the internet, these ads are quickly fading into the background.

And while 39% of consumers attributed their declined perception of social ads to recent political events, the top reason for the drop cited by 58% of respondents was simply seeing too many social ads overall. – Sprout Social

So if you’re experiencing a drop in results from your current CPC campaigns, you’re not alone. Sprout is pointing to creating more entertaining content to help punch through all the content online, but that may not do it. It may be time for you to rethink your CPC strategy in its entirety and try something new.

Engage with in-market customers one-on-one

Skip the firehose and target your customers with tailored conversations. Here’s an example:

Instead of waiting for this Twitter user to use Google to search car repair and leaving her to the mercy of search results and ads, Sears Auto used her own cue to reach out and make an offer. This can be much more effective than ads for a number of reasons:

  1. It will likely trigger a push notification on her phone, making it more likely to be seen.
  2. It’s proactive based on her current state and tailored to HER.
  3. It’s helpful, not salesy.
  4. It suggests a specific action, which is also easy to track.

It’s not unusual at this point for your customers to completely ignore your ads. There are so many ads, it’s getting easier to just tune them out. By creating an interaction that’s targeted to one person, brands can give those potential customers a much more intimate experience. Ads are for lots of people, these responses are for one person.

Identify customers in their moment of expression

Combing through millions of tweets by millions of users one by one is impossible without the help of artificial intelligence. At KickFactory, we’ve developed smart algorithms that will learn about your potential in-market customers so you can find them. We can find them by age, gender, interest, geography, and more based on the data they reveal in their public profiles and updates. It’s amazing what we can identify with the help of AI—we could do it with people, but it would take a lot longer and scaling it would be really hard. You’d have to have a huge call center! But we can do it with a small team, and without adding to your team.

We’d love to show you how KickFactory works and help you reimagine your CPC strategy. Contact us today for a free demo.

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