In talking with a number of our clients recently, we’ve noticed a trend in how social media managers and digital strategists are thinking about their social media efforts. They’re rethinking goals and tactics, and how to measure success. We’re seeing less focus on sales.

Brands are realizing that one social media post by itself often isn’t going to lead to a sale. But what does that mean for your brand? How can you rethink your strategy to get the most impact with your social media efforts? And what does that have to do with how you measure social media engagement?

Learn more or buy now

Specifically, we’re seeing more calls to action that focus on learning. The brands are using their platforms to educate, build relationships, and get more intimate with their followers. Instead of selling—linking directly to products and/or pushing a coupon code—we’re seeing education and entertainment.

These tactics are more effective, but less satisfying in a lot of ways. Especially for CMOs and the other higher-ups who want to see a clear-cut ROI. They want to see the numbers of a campaign: this effort yielded this many sales.

Many touches = muddy water

Here’s where those cut and dried statistics become difficult to calculate. A sale is ultimately the culmination of any number and combination of a customer’s interactions with the brand. Where this coupon code or sale brought in X number of sales seems easy enough to calculate, there’s no way to know the other experiences that customer had before.

As we’ve talked about before, the waters are even muddier. Your customers are exposed to SO many brand messages in a day, keeping track of the path that leads to a purchase is almost impossible. This is another reason brands have changed their focus in their social strategies.

What’s next

We think it’s time for you to reexamine your social media strategies and goals. Social media is not the place to close sales, and that’s why engagement really is the metric to focus on. How many people are you reaching? Are they interested in the content you’re providing? Are you memorable? It’s hard to measure this statistic, or at least to follow all the way through the sales cycle. But that doesn’t mean you just give up.

At KickFactory, we connect brands to people. We use a proprietary hybrid AI that helps us find your people and put the messages in front of them that help you engage and build that relationship. Want to learn more? Contact us today for a free demo!

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