One of the biggest questions we get is how KickFactory works: what it looks like for brands and customers. So let’s just get a quick overview of how we identify, engage, and direct customers to take action.

1. Identify expressed needs

We use propensity algorithms (with AI) to filter through all the noise to find in-market buyers. We use a time in the buying process we call the “moment of expression” when the customer first states anything that tips us off to them. It could be anything, from saying they’re hungry or don’t know what to cook for dinner, to expressing frustration with data overage or a flat tire. We can weed them out and find the ones that will be most likely to take an action. And our algorithms constantly learn and get smarter, making the campaign more accurate the longer it goes.

2. Engage in a meaningful conversation 

The next step in how KickFactory works is Our Community Management Team creating a compelling response. These on-brand conversations ensure a friendly interaction. The better we do with this messaging, the more likely the customer is to remember the interaction and more likely they are to take the next step.

Each message we send is monitored by our Community Management Team. Sure, bots and AI are great for a lot of jobs, but they aren’t so great at social interaction. It takes a real human to make a conversation authentic.

3. Direct customers to take action

Like any marketing tactic, there’s no point in doing the work unless you give the customers a call to action. Depending on the campaign, we work with brands to find an action that leads customers down the sales funnel and continues to build an on-going relationship. This also helps us track the interaction and ROI of any campaign. You’ll know exactly what’s working and what to change.

Let’s look at an exchange:


In this case, the Twitter user Jonathan talks about some of the stress he’s experiencing. It’s a very broad tweet, and doesn’t mention a brand. Dream Careers sees an opportunity with Jonathan and engage with him in a friendly way. They also give him a specific action that’s helpful. This kind of interaction will likely lead the customer to their website and to take more actions once he’s there.

We’d love to give you a full demo of the KickFactory tool. Contact us today and we’ll show you how KickFactory works and how we can set up campaigns that build your brand and impact your bottom line.

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