We know the latest revelations about Facebook are having a significant effect on the value of Facebook overall, and that definitely matters to shareholders. But what about marketers and brands? Do current events translate to even more difficulties for those of us trying to connect with our customers online with social media marketing? The answer is absolutely, and we don’t know what the overall and ultimate effect will be. So what can we do right now to ensure our efforts on our social platforms are making a positive impact on our brand reputation and sales numbers?

“People don’t welcome ads with open arms. In fact, our survey of more than 1,000 Americans found that their collective perception of social advertising has mostly stagnated or declined in the past year. This indicates that when on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, a majority of consumers aren’t finding much that stops them from scrolling right past brands’ ads. – Sprout Social report

It’s not just the privacy issue with Facebook that’s causing this decline. Like we’ve talked about before, customers are simply saturated with ads. They hardly see them anymore. So how can a brand stop the scroll and make an impact? Sprout has one idea:

By and large, entertainment is still the single best way to stop the scroll, with 41% of people reporting that entertaining content makes them more likely to engage with a social ad.

That’s a lot of pressure—to be funny, poignant, memorable. Some accounts (Arby’s comes to mind) are non-stop entertainment and hilarity. But what can other brands do who don’t have full-time teams of writers just for their social platforms?

Less entertainment, more impact

We read more into that sentiment of entertainment and see people asking for a unique, memorable experience with the brand. It doesn’t necessarily have to be “entertaining” in the traditional sense. What the social efforts need to do is stop the scroll, grab attention, and give each user something different. That’s where one-on-one engagement comes in.

With KickFactory, you can find individuals who are expressing a moment of need and reach out to them before they even search (read: before they are served any ads). You become a hero offering them help, resources, or information from the get-go. It’s proactive and different from what anyone out there is doing. It’s not ads, it’s not DMs, it’s personalized and gives you a chance to make a really significant impression.

Want to learn more? Contact us today for a free demo. We’d love to show you how you can skip algorithms, ad bidding, and more to reach your target market.

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