You probably already understand how important it is to listen to what your customers are saying. But do you really know what you’re listening for? And more importantly, do you know what to do with that information? When it comes to social sales, you can’t overlook this key part of building a campaign.

We operate several campaigns for Life Time Fitness, listening to people who “need to workout” or “gotta get to the gym”. These are high-value keyword phrases and easy to identify. But we weren’t done. As we really began to listen around our target, we started hearing other high-value phrases.

“Can barely walk. But so worth it! #legday” The #legday turns out to be a very valuable phrase, one that we wouldn’t have come up with on our own. Using this phrase increased our social reach and targeting these customers converts at a higher than average rate.

Let’s try another example: suppose you’re trying to attract people to a vacation destination. Of course people are saying, “I need a vacation.” In this highly competitive space, everyone is listening.  But what do people do on vacation?  What do they want out of a vacation? Your campaigns will benefit if you’re willing to dig deeper.

“I just want to be somewhere warm.” “I want to swim with dolphins.” “All I need is a margarita and sun.” People are throwing up signs in many different ways. Respond to their needs by really listening to what they’re asking—then surprise and delight them with help, resources, and a friendly reply!

It can be easy to go for the obvious and stay there. But by listening and reaching beyond, campaigns can take on a new dimension and a whole new list of potential clients. Want to learn more about how we design campaigns for brands like Life Time? Contact us today.