kf_fundamentals_v1At KickFactory, we section out social media into three types: broadcast marketing, customer service, and social sales. (You can read up on all of them here.) A good brand uses all three together for the most effective presence online.

Each type has a unique place in the customer acquisition cycle, meeting different needs for people as they move through.

Broadcast marketing often becomes the first time an individual gets exposed to a brand. These prospective customers may or may not be in the market for a particular product or service, but the hope is they’ll remember the brand when the time comes. On the timeline below, this is the time between “No Need” and “Need Identified”.

Customer service focuses on those who have already purchased. This use of social media is more or less expected of brands. Many companies have invested in large teams of customer service agents who find, answer, and service those questions and complaints. This piece of social media falls on the timeline below after “Purchase”.

Social sales works off a brand new data point in the buying timeline, “Need Shared”. Until social media, this information was unaccessible to brands because no venue existed for this sharing. But now people are sharing. Using specially designed tools, like KickFactory, brands can find and engage thousands of potential customers at scale, without adding costly headcount or training.



By using the correct tools for each task, brands can take advantage of all three types of social media. Each plays a part in the customer acquisition timeline for different purposes. Ignoring an entire section of the timeline is a huge missed opportunity for brands to find and engage these potential customers.

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