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The False Logic of Paid Influencers for Building Your Brand

In many ways, follower count is just a vanity metric – what was once seen as a key indicator is becoming less and less relevant as algorithms shift the focus away from broadcast reach.

Are you using paid influencers in your digital marketing? Whether you are or aren’t, it’s important to look at how effective these tactics really are. You can’t put all your marketing eggs (or budget) in one basket. Especially paid influencers. As we learn more about how many fake accounts are out there and how many accounts are padded, each influencer needs to be carefully vetted.

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Social Media: Survive and Thrive in Your Political Campaign

As campaign season starts heating up, we know candidates are looking for more ways to reach, inform, and engage voters. Like any press or communications outlet, social media can work for or against your campaign—swinging either way in a short period of time. But your campaign has more control over your social media than you think. You can move beyond survival and use the tools at hand to thrive online and all the way to the polls.

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How to Find the Moment of Expression for Sales Success

You’re probably familiar with many of the ways brands are (creepily) finding customers online. From retargeting campaigns to Facebook ads that seem to read your mind, the touch points and opportunities keep growing. In our past post How Brands are Beating Google to Customers, we talked a little bit about the “Moment of Expression”.

This new data point in the buyer’s journey creates yet another opportunity for brands to connect and create intimacy one-on-one. Thanks to social media, we can find individuals before they hit the search bar or even ask their friends or family for recommendations. This is where they give us a hint into their future purchases.

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How the Three Types of Social Media Have Evolved

For the past couple of years, we’ve been talking about the three types of social media—the different ways brands use social to reach potential customers. We broke this down into three main categories: broadcast, customer service, and social sales. And while the tools of the trade change and social media platforms grow or fade in popularity, brands are still using these three categories to reach their markets.

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Social Sales from Head to Toe

Venting has always been a common route to relieve stress. Now, more than ever, people take to Twitter to vent their frustrations. While this can benefit the “vent-er,” as it lifts a weight off their chest, many businesses can find a customer in the process and help the “vent-er” and the company itself. Check out this example from @Headshoulders and see how they use social sales from head to toe:

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The Key to Social Sales: AI With a Human Touch

A key component of a successful social sales campaign is the implementation of Artificial Intelligence. Through AI, the software can search and comb through countless tweets in a manner that a human never could. This search is specific, targeted by keywords and therefore incredibly precise. But with all the excitement (maybe hysteria?) surrounding AI, people are forgetting what helps this technology reach and interact with your customers.

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Why Aren’t You Using Geolocation in Sales on Social Media?

When it comes to social media, finding a good balance between information, sales, and brand recognition is what many brands are striving for. Marketing teams work tirelessly to find ways to drive sales and to show ROI to their leadership teams. However, many of these teams are leaving out a major asset to their efforts: geolocation.

Hard data point to pull together

Many people believe that location data is embedded in the tweets or posts we send from our phones. Depending on if you’re a marketer or a Twitter user, that could be good or bad. Since geolocation information is something the user must opt-in to use, being able to leverage location is trickier than just metadata.

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How Are You Tracking ROI for Your Social Media Campaigns?

We know that utilizing any marketing tactic means evaluating its effectiveness based on ROI. Depending on the tactic, tracking ROI can be difficult. In social media, we hear that proving ROI is tricky, based on how a brand is using social media. ROI seems like a fairly simple metric, but the pieces that make up that statistic can be complicated and convoluted.