A while ago, we published 5 Tips for Social Sales on Twitter. The 3rd tip is “Be personable in your responses.” Let’s dig into that a little more.

Why personable?

1. Social sales is SOCIAL first. Social sales has its name for a reason—the point is to be social! The ultimate goal conversion, and with social sales, that starts with engaging the right person in a conversation that keeps them interested. This initial conversation has to hook the potential customer and keep the conversation rolling. By adding personality and making the conversation genuine, brands can do just that.

2. Customers want REAL. In a world where more and more the conversations online come from bots, people want to know the “person” on the other end is actually human. Bots are great and serve a lot of purposes. But for social sales, being personable takes an actual human. No bot can replicate (yet) the nuances of human interaction. We’re getting a lot closer, but to really keep the interaction genuine, we need humans. And customers need to be able to tell! (This is also why we suggest signing each tweet.)

3. Unique opportunity to make an impression. When a brand has done the work to identify a potential in-market customer and can start a conversation, there’s really only one shot. There’s a lot riding on that initial approach and reply—and you want it to be the right kind of memorable. Don’t waste this opportunity on a rote response that isn’t tailored to the customer’s initial tweet. You’ll never get a chance to take the conversation to the next step.

Being personable

We wish we could give you the manual on how to be personable in your social sales approaches. But it’s nuanced and dependent on your brand and end goals. Here are some questions to ask yourself and your team to get you started:

What is the goal of the interaction(s)? Website visits? Location visits? Brand recognition?

What is the “personality” of your brand? Funny? Helpful? Snarky? Wise?

How do you want people to feel after they interact with your brand on Twitter?

These questions should help you narrow in on a strategy for giving your social sales some personality before you start. Questions? Need ideas? Check out some of the examples on our site for brands who are using social sales already. Want to get started with your own social sales? Contact us today for a free demo and an industry report.