The secret to social sales is simple: don’t sell.

Imagine for moment you’ve got date night coming up this Friday. You’ll probably do dinner and movie. Maybe you’ll go out with friends, maybe it’ll just be you and your wife.

In your excitement, you tweet:

“Got a hot date tonight. Can’t wait to take my wife out.”

You’re not really necessarily expecting replies, maybe a few likes.

But what if a popular restaurant reaches out and says:

“Hey Scott, we have a table left tonight at 7:30pm. Reserve it now here: [LINK].”

The restaurant, while it has amazing food, coveted reservations, and savvy marketing, makes you feel like another turn of the table. They’re hoping to fill the spot, whether it’s you or anyone else. And that’s how they leave you feeling—like dollar signs.

What if they replied to you like this:

“We’d love to celebrate with you. Come in tonight and try our special wine pairing with dinner. Reserve your table here [LINK]”.

In this version, the restaurant is taking the posture of helping the couple. They want to give them a great experience, not just a turn of the table. By offering a recommendation and softening their approach, they show you (and other prospective customers) a commitment to your experience, not just their bottom line.

This is the key to social sales—if your social sales is selling, you’re doing it wrong. It seems counter-intuitive, especially if we look at the term social sales, but the dialog has to be more than a sales pitch. If you’re caring for your customer, you’re selling the right way. This allows you to build brand endearment and revenues at the same time.

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