Social sales can mean a lot of things to a lot of people, with many different uses. But when KickFactory talks about social sales, we’re talking about the process of identifying a person in market for a product or services and engaging with them seeking a conversion—a sale, a web form submission, a DM, etc.

One of the core principles of social sales has to do with your approach to these potential leads. Rather than being spammy or sales-focused, you need concentrate on being helpful in your approach to a potential customer. This isn’t just good practice for social sales, it will also give you the best results for your efforts. And although this sounds almost paradoxical given the definition of social sales, let’s unpack this a little bit.

Black Friday makes people think about buying TVs. They know great deals exist, so lets look at this obvious example:


Let’s say KickFactory’s algorithms identify this person as a potential in-market consumer and recommend our Community Managers reply on behalf of a brand. (More on this step in a later post.)

To make the most impact, the brand needs to steer the conversation, not throw another advertisement in front of this potential lead.

Let’s start with what NOT to do:

@user We’ve got TV’s. Click [LINK] to view our inventory.


@user Black Friday deals at ABC Corporation are 20% off while supplies last.

These approaches, while full of potentially useful information for the user, can put people off. They’re easy to ignore or write off as simply spam.

Instead, a smart brand will start conversation and make it personal. They might say something like:

@user That’s a great idea Cade! Are you looking for a 50″ TV, or something larger? Here is what we’re running this year [LINK] ^JB


@user We like the way you think Cade. There are great deals everywhere right now. Here are ours [LINK] ^JB

In these replies, the right away to approach the individual is with a helpful tone. Positive, directing, but not pushy. When you’re helpful, the person who receives the tweets feels valued by the brand. They feel like you’re doing them a solid, not just selling them another product.

Here are some more examples of brands doing this right:







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