Remarketing works because it’s all about the customer’s every day life. After a potential customer visits your site, ads for your brand (and even the specific product or service that brought the individual to your site) now follow him or her around the web. As they read the news, their email, or check Facebook, you’re there. But remarketing, while useful, often becomes tedious, time consuming, and expensive.

What if there was a way to find more qualified users and shorten the time from contact to conversion?

How to Improve Remarketing Campaigns

Improving remarketing is possible, but the bottom line is you need 1) cheaper traffic or 2) more qualified users, or even both to increase conversion rates and/or lower cost. If you can acquire cheaper traffic, the overall cost of customer acquisition goes down. This gives you the opportunity to get more customers per campaign. And if you can find more qualified customers, that means a shorter time to conversion.

A shorter time to conversion means shorter campaigns and a lower cost.

Using Social Sales for Successful Remarketing Campaigns

At KickFactory, we help with both. We can target in-market customers with click through rates ranging 40-70%. Our social sales approach results in better performing remarketing campaigns. Increase your success and return on investment with a managed service that makes it possible for you to win customers through social sales at scale—all without adding costly headcount or slowing down to learn new tools.

You can read more about social sales here, or get some insight into how social sales can help your brand here.

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