Cold calling a hot lead

I’d like to share some best practices on approaching a lead over the phone.KickFactory’s background is in data science. We started building an artificial intelligence engine back in 2013 that brands used to target consumer intent. Think of it like “those ads that follow you around the Internet.” You know when you say talk with… Read more »


Animal Crackers, Water Bottles, and Winning Bids

I talk with a lot of people in the restoration services field. I mean A LOT. Over the last 30 days I’ve spoken with 169 business owners. I ask a lot of questions as I’m still trying to learn my place within our industry. I learned something this week you may find valuable: Empathy wins… Read more »


Using Social Media Beyond Sales for Your Brand

social media beyond sales

Not surprisingly, 90 percent of young individuals own at least one social media account. Yet, utilizing social media to market products or services can be a hit or miss for some businesses. For the latter group, there is often something that is being done incorrectly or a strategy that isn’t being used. Many business owners… Read more »