The tl:dr of this post is this:

“It’s much easier to make an AI system that can detect a nipple than it is to determine what is linguistically hate speech.” – Mark Zuckerberg

Computer vision is one of the most advanced forms of AI, so processing images is much more efficient and accurate. Due to language differences, dialects, and complexity, mimicking and understanding human speech is far more complicated. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, it just means we aren’t there yet—we need human-assisted AI.

So while Zuck figures out how to explain that to lawmakers, we’ll explain what that has to do with you and your social media strategy. We doubt you’re looking to AI for help with regulating hate speech. Rather, you’re looking for ways to scale your marketing and reach more people. AI is a great tool for that, but not by itself.

We’ve talked about this a bit before when we talked about chatbots. It’s the same problem of not having advanced far enough with AI. What does that mean for your brand and using AI for marketing or sales? It simply means that AI needs help. Thankfully, we’re not to the point yet where robots can do all our jobs. They still need the subtlety and context of human experience.

Why AI

Artificial intelligence, or machine learning, combs through and processes data in ways humans can’t even comprehend. This allows a huge volume of information to be accessed and used. AI is really good at this. There’s no need for context or subjectivity. Data is just data—it’s translating that data and putting it to use where machines aren’t quite ready.

Why humans

Machines are still machines. We can feed them all kinds of data points, but they don’t wake up, go to work, eat dinner. They don’t have any experience as a human being. AI is a tool to process information. Humans give that information shape, experience, context. They bridge the gap between the data and communicating it in a meaningful way. And for us, humans ensure the messages going out make sense and are going to the right people.

We have created a proprietary hybrid AI that allows us to connect brands to people. We find those in your market who are likely to be receptive to your message. Then we engage with them, building intimacy and brand recognition while encouraging them to take a specific action. Want to learn more? We’d love to show you. Contact us today for a free demo!


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