A key component of a successful social sales campaign is the implementation of Artificial Intelligence. Through AI, the software can search and comb through countless tweets in a manner that a human never could. This search is specific, targeted by keywords and therefore incredibly precise. But with all the excitement (maybe hysteria?) surrounding AI, people are forgetting what helps this technology reach and interact with your customers.

Finding the right customers means giving AI the right information

AI can’t start from scratch to build profiles for the types of customers you want to target for social sales. This takes work on the human side: the business must find what it is they want AI to target exactly. From this initial work, the algorithms will learn as they go. The feedback given (by humans) helps the AI figure out what types of profiles are yielding the best results. 

Humans are not needed to comb through tweets, especially since human brain power could not search at the rate of efficiency the AI would. This would be more than simply using the Twitter search bar to locate people who want a new car. AI implements geolocation and pinpoints users in order to suggest local branches that can help. In addition, AI involves photo recognition technology to properly identify the age of a consumer in a way a human could not.

Good interactions come from humans, not robots

AI does not mean completely eliminating real person-to-person contact. Once the AI has searched and identified potential customers and tweets, humans should be used as “quality control.” While AI is fantastic at sorting and identifying simple facts, nuances in culture and language are not so easily picked up by this technology. This way we get precise search options, and personable sales replies. While robots are incredibly helpful, they are not smart enough to fully assume a totally human persona…yet.

At KickFactory, the human component comes when our community managers comb through the tweets that AI has so kindly presented to them. This human connection, reading a message, registering an emotion, and responding properly, is something AI is unable to achieve. While it may be something to come in the future, the use of real people to respond to other real people adds a personal flair that yields a positive response.

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