Not surprisingly, 90 percent of young individuals own at least one social media account. Yet, utilizing social media to market products or services can be a hit or miss for some businesses. For the latter group, there is often something that is being done incorrectly or a strategy that isn’t being used. Many business owners fail to use social media beyond sales. It can mean so much more for your business. Let’s talk a bit about how you can improve your marketing on social media by using the right tools and why it is so important that you do.

Types of Social Media Marketing

When trying to not only get sales but also post engagements, growth in website traffic, and a solid business reputation, one form of social media marketing is not going to cut it. If you want a successful business, you’re going to want to use social media in different ways – not just to post a new product or just to talk to customers with the hope to close more sales.

Social media marketing that KickFactory focuses on include:

  1. Broadcast marketing: exposes potential customers to a brand for the first time by giving them a need for a product or service, even when that need wasn’t present before
  2. Customer service: emphasizes current customers by replying to questions, complaints, and/or bad reviews as well as following up
  3. Social sales: develops relationships and common ground while also selling a product or service

Think about it like this: you can have a good product or service, excellent broadcast marketing, but if your customer service is lacking, guess what? A customer might ask for a refund, leave a bad review on Yelp or Facebook, and tell their friends and family to avoid your business at all costs. That said, you’re going to need these multiple forms of marketing if you want your business to be the best it can be. To have just one is going to have its drawbacks.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing Beyond Sales

Apart from the potential for more sales, there are ways the right marketing on social media can benefit your business – and you’ll be glad it did.

Post Engagements and Followers

For one, marketing online can attract new followers, ‘likes,’ and comments. While this doesn’t guarantee you more sales, this does, however, make you look like a more reputable, trustworthy business.

Those who have never bought from you will see the following you have acquired and may be more inclined to become a customer too. Reading through the comments section of your posts, prospective clients can see what kind of values your business holds just by the types of comments presented and whether or not you replied and what you said.

Brand Awareness

Additionally, the use of social media can spread brand awareness. In fact, 45 percent of marketers seek to improve brand awareness of their company on social media. But if you don’t post or provide online content, how will people find out about your business? And when they do, how will they remember your business?

Without using social media frequently, you aren’t going to get many to recognize your business and what it offers. Give people the opportunity to know about your business’ existence.

Brand Humanization

Lastly, social media marketing humanizes your brand. Social media tends to be pretty casual as just about everyone is on it. When a business is on social media, it essentially is proof that the business is real, as odd as that sounds.

People want to see behind the scenes of your business. They want to know where you’re located, who is apart of your team, and how you communicate with others. They don’t want to trust a company that appears as if it is being run on its own without a human team behind it.

Implementing Your Marketing Strategies

Through your marketing via social media, take note of the following key points.

  • Find your target audience. The wrong target audience but the right strategies won’t bring you the success you’re hoping for.
  • Decide what methods of communication you’ll use. What types of social media platforms will you be working with, and what kind of content (e.g, Facebook posts, blog articles, white papers) will you be using?
  • Relate to your customers. Communicate in a conversational, friendly, yet professional manner. Don’t be afraid to use emotion or share your similar values or interests.
  • Be consistent. Reply to customers’ messages and comments on time. Provide quality in your work. Continue to provide the social media content your target audience craves.

If you don’t have the time, energy, or interest in social media marketing, you can still get it done. At KickFactory, we will use social media to find potential customers for you that share similar values as your business. The artificial intelligence we use can spot out these customers based on their current needs, drawing them in with a positive, relevant reply. As a result, you may not only make a sale but a relationship as both the right target audience and proper interaction is used.

Learn more about what makes our marketing strategy unique and effective. Contact us today, and we’d be glad to answer any questions you may have.

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