Emotion is a part of being human. We all feel it and experience it second-hand on a daily basis. However, the misconception is that using emotion in social media should be avoided – especially when it has to do with business. But why distinguish human qualities from a company? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose?

As marketing experts, we are aware just how potent emotion can be in online marketing, especially using emotion in social media. We know the science behind social sales.

Using emotion in online marketing

Believe it or not, deliberately focusing on your customers’ or potential customers’ emotions is a proven way to interact with them. You’ll be able to: get their attention, get sales quickly, and keep them coming back.

According to Social Sprout, 41 percent of consumers said that they are attracted to online content that entertains them. To feel entertained is an emotion, right? Use of humor, inspiration, empathetic messages and stories are all ways to use emotion. You can do this in both your ads and interactions with your customers to grab their attention.

Knowing that your product or service appeals to, say, females aged 20 to 35 located in the United States is not enough. Knowing how to get inside your customers’ heads, relate to them, and interact in an understandable and relevant way is key.

At KickFactory, we provide a revolutionary way for businesses to get new customers with the emphasis on emotion and the customer’s needs.

How KickFactory works

Using artificial intelligence

With the right algorithms, our team at KickFactory can spot the best potential customers for your business. Anything from office supplies to home mortgages, we know how to draw customers in.

Tracking potential customers on your own can be both daunting and time-consuming. Even if you have the extra time to do so, the process has to be done strategically. When you choose KickFactory – because it’s all in our hands – we get the job done quickly and effortlessly.

Spotting social media expression

We can find people on social media that are relevent to your brand RIGHT NOW. Not only can we find them, we engage on your behalf to get them to take action. People are constantly expressing emotion on social media, and your brand benefits.

For example, if you own an ice cream shop and someone posts on Twitter that they could go for an ice cream sundae on this hot, summer day, it’s time to act!

We don’t just help you find customers; we interact with them quickly with the use of natural language processing.

Properly engaging

After you identify these people in your market, it’s time to engage with them. Being too sales pitch-y is too forceful, desperate, and suspicious on the consumer’s end. Sometimes the first impression consumers have when a business or individual approaches them regarding a product or service is, “Is this a scam?” Chances are, they will ignore your interaction with them because they don’t trust you, and they don’t like pushy salesmen or saleswomen.

However, with the correct interactions, we can successfully reel in more sales for your business without making consumers question the interaction and your business’ intent.

Building brand intimacy

The whole process of what we do isn’t just about grabbing consumers’ attention for a quick sale; the goal is to make a lasting impression on consumers to gain trust in your business.

What is brand intimacy? Simply put, it’s strengthening the bond between a brand and an individual. Whether that be with an advertisement or through social interactions with a customer.

With brand intimacy, customers are more likely to create loyalty for your business and purchase from you not just once but several times over the course of time. Through this, you also have a better shot of:

  • getting customer referrals
  • receiving better reviews of your product, service, or business
  • eliminating some competition between competitors

Ready to start?

If grabbing consumers’ attention, gaining new customers, creating brand intimacy, and earning loyal customers is something you want for your business, you know who to turn to. We want to help you use emotion in social media for the right outcomes. Get in touch with our team for more information.

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