For those of us in digital marketing, it can be easy to get caught up in the funnels, landing pages, ads, graphics, A/B testing, etc, etc. But what we absolutely can’t lose sight of is our customer’s journey: what takes them from the moment where they have a need (or a want) and ends with them choosing our brand?

Right now, consumers have more data and information than ever before. They start shopping NOT when they hit the store, but rather as soon as they even think they have a need. Many people are researching cars years before they intend to buy. The same goes for mortgages, computers, and other consumer products. And while some journeys are shorter and more urgent than others (like say, getting a flat tire fixed) the pattern is the same.

Leveraging the moment of expression

For many folks, the first stop on their shopping experience is telling friends, family, coworkers, and the internet about their need. It’ll be broadcast on social media:

  • “I have a dead battery, again!”
  • “Local friends, I need a new dentist, who’s good?”
  • “I’ve had it with this old computer!”

This is what we call the moment of expression. Before social media, the audience to these comments was limited. But now, you as a brand can access many of these moments of expression and use them to your advantage.

New shopping experiences

A lot of retailers are renovating their stores, consolidating, or even closing up and putting everything online. They’re scrambling to keep up with new purchasing habits and how people shop. Many are using big data to figure out the best ways to address new shopping habits and a new generation of consumers. What many of these brands are failing to do, though, is recognize the reality of when consumers start to shop. Sure, people want convenience. Brand awareness and reputation are going to always be a part of the equation. But unless brands address shoppers before they get to the store, they’re already behind in the game.

Using data and the moment of expression

How can brands use their consumers’ social media habits and data to capitalize on the moment of expression? Well, it’s not PPC or display ads. These ads use search data to tag and follow people through their internet browsing. That’s too late. By the time someone has started researching, now it’s every brand for itself. Your brand has to be faster and reach out sooner—and KickFactory knows how. Using proprietary, human-assisted AI, KickFactory can identify those consumers who are in that very first phase (the “My blowdryer broke” phase) and interact with them. That’s right, your brand can not only find these people but can connect and direct them to take action. Here’s an example from @Staples:

Ready to get started? Contact us today for a demo. We’d love to show you how KickFactory can revolutionize the way you reach customers—and beat your competition to the first touch.

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