Still using the spray and pray method for social media posting? Or do you spend hours trying to outwit the latest Facebook algorithm update? Maybe you’re auditioning stand-up comedians so your Twitter can be the next Arby’s. Whatever you’re doing, it’s probably time to change it up and rethink the way you’re using social. Today, there’s too much content. Too many messages for people to filter through. You have to stand out: your brand needs to change how it’s using social media.

You may be missing a huge opportunity

What do you know about the moment of expression? Well, millions of social media users all over the world are constantly talking about their lives, days, problems, wants, needs—and cat videos. While the cat video chatter may not be helpful to you as a brand, the other pieces of what they’re talking about could change how you connect to them. But only if you hear them.

Leveraging the moment of expression

The only way to listen to that many voices and respond to enough to make a difference in your social media efforts, you have to recruit help. At KickFactory, we use proprietary human-assisted AI to find the right people for you to connect with. Depending on your product, service, or platform, we can use our algorithms to find people who need you. They just may not know it yet.

Engaging in a meaningful way

We know from data coming in that people are being inundated with brand messaging. From the moment they wake up, to the moment they close their eyes the people you want to connect with are having to filter through all kinds of messages. How can you stop the scroll and bring your message to the top? Can you make these people pay attention to you?

Yes, with one-on-one interaction. These tailored messages respond specifically to the social media users’ own sentiments and problems. Does someone need a car repair? You provide repairs, and we connect them to you. By filtering by their location and moment of expression, we can find the right people, send them the right message, and cut through the clutter because your message MEANS something to them.

Want to learn more? We’d love to show you how KickFactory connects brands to people. Contact us today.

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